Canberrans for Powerstation Relocation is a community association that cares about the environment and our health who formed in 2008 to win a fight against a gas-fired power station proposed near residents.

The group is now responding to the draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for a proposed oil refinery at Hume, ACT (Australian Capital Territory) to use a catalytic cracking process to liquefy plastics to a sludge and then vaporise them to recover of diesel, petrol and liquid petroleum gas in 4 giant kilns and to store almost 2 million litres of fuel on site, within 1.3km from homes.

The refinery is proposed in this new location, after failing as planned in Berkeley Vale, NSW.

Our submission to the ACT Government's Environment and Planning Directorate (ACT EPD) is posted here for you to view, along with others. These cover the many faults in the EIS and raises serious questions to be answered.

Follow the instructions below to provide your own feedback to the planning directorate and Minister for Planning, Mick Gentleman. It is important to follow this direct, statutory process as well as any comments you may have made to the consultants, Purdon Planning.

Update: Great news that your chance to make a submission against the draft EIS documented here has been extended until 2 November 2016. How do I comment? Simply email comments to epdcustomerservices@act.gov.au

Want to contact CPR or offer to share your submission here? Email us at info@canberrapowerstation.info


The following submissions are made public to allow you to view the range of issues including lack of consultation, governance, environmental and health shortcomings, safety and security risks.

CPR Response to the Draft EIS - Landfill Diversion Facility (2.9Mb)

• Resident A - Submission_FOY_Group (287Kb)

• Resident B - Submission_DraftEIS (222.1Kb)

• Resident C - EIS_submission-22Sep2016 (85.2Kb)

• Resident D - Submission_Draft_EIS_Proposal_201600038_v15 (11.3Mb)

• Government Paddock User Group - GPUG sub on plastics to fuel facility (288.2Kb)

• Resident E - ACTPLA_sub_plastics_to_fuel (73.5Kb)

• Resident F - FOY_Proposal-Submission_to_ACTPLA (97.8Kb)

• Resident G - FOY_submission_to_DRAFT_EIS (138Kb)

• Gilmore Residents Group - EIS_FOY_Gilmore_Res_23Sep16_v3 (8.2Mb)

• ACT Equestrian Association - plastics_to_fuel_cl-bs_sub (157.2Kb)

• Jerrabomberra Residents Association - Submission-EIS-Hume-Waste-Plastic-To-Fuel-Facility_JRA_27092016 (58.6Kb)

• Resident H - 13-Hume_Waste_Plastic_to_Fuel_Facility (335.8Kb)

• Tuggeranong Community Council - 14-TCC_Plastics_Response_1.0 (572.6Kb)